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The Horticultural Exhibitors Association

The HEA supports horticultural exhibitors, both those selling plants and those selling horticultural sundry products. The organisation works with event organisers and show teams to ensure exhibitors are represented as a group rather than individually and works hard to support members with a range of services.
Find out more about the organisation here.

The UK horticultural world needs supporting in the same way as farmers and the HEA has created two schemes with that aim in mind:

    • Buy with Confidence
    • From My Nursery to Your Garden
Buy with Confidence

Buy with Confidence

This logo indicates that customers can be assured they are purchasing products from bona-fide HEA members operating under an agreed code of conduct.

Find out more here.

From My Nursery to Your Garden

Mickfield Hostas is pleased to support, and be a member of, the 'from My Nursery to Your Garden' scheme. Consider this logo in the same way as you regard the little red tractor symbol found on supermarket products, indicating the produce was sourced from UK farmers. When a customer sees the 'from My Nursery to Your Garden' logo they can be assured that at least 75% of plants for sale from members have been grown in the UK.

Participating nurseries grow and sell their own produce direct to the public. Therefore you know how and where that plant has been grown and can speak to the grower direct to discover what it requires to continue to flourish.

Additionally, selling direct to the public cuts out unnecessary transport and supports the economy in each nursery's local area.

Last updated: 12/7/2024