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From decided to transfer the format of our monthly newsletters from a web page and PDF document to a monthly email, which will link to updated web-based content. We will still be creating more in depth content, as time allows, but we will also be using more visual content, which we think will add a lot to the enjoyment of the newsletter. For example, video clips will feature cultivation tips, show displays and general nursery news, etc.

Email newsletter archive - we have spent some time turning all the email newsletters into PDF files for download.
We have also updated our archive below, to help categorise the content. Many newsletters are generic but if we have focused on a specific subject we have listed it accordingly. If you like what you see, why not subscribe to our monthly newsletter? It's free and we promise not to spam you with anything else!

Do let us know if you would like us to cover anything specific in our future content - your suggestions are always welcome.

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There is a simple chronological list and a set of subject lists you can browse:

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Last updated: 31/7/2022