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Our National Collection
Our National Collection currently contains well over 2000 varieties but not all of them are listed on our website.
Please note that we have over 1,000 of these varieties available for sale BUT not every variety. When we cannot supply a variety, an alternative is indicated.

  • Our 2021 Availability List shows over 850 varieties we do have for sale this year, with many more in very limited numbers at the nursery.
  • Availability search - if you are after a specific combination of characteristics, take a look at our search resource , which allows you to browse available varieties organised by dominant leaf colour, size, flower colour and fragrance.
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Hosta images
We are gradually building our own collection of images on the website but would like to take this opportunity to recommend the Hosta Library as an excellent source of images. The photos used on this site are of hostas grown naturally, in a variety of conditions. The advantage of including a number of different images is that you can easily see how the different growing conditions affects the growth and colouring of the individual plants.

Plant characteristics
There are several well established conventions for describing hosta plant characteristics and we have drawn upon the collective wisdom of the Hosta Registration journals, Mark Zilis's comprehensive study of the hosta genus and the American Hosta Society. Our own observations, gathered over more than 40 years of growing hostas, have shown us that descriptions of growth characteristics must only be used as a guide. In reality, each plant will grow slightly differently according to the environment in which it is planted.

Plant availability
We have around 1,000 varieties for sale this year and are happy to divide parent plants in the collection for special requests, providing the plants are suitable for division. If we cannot do this then we operate a 'wish list' and will contact you when divisions do become available.
Just email us if you have any specific requests and we will do what we can to help you source the plant.

Last updated: 8/11/2021