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Welcome to a subset of the website detailing varieties we can offer for sale.

Using the same navigation as for the collection, just click on the letter of the alphabet you wish to start with and go from there - see below. Each alphabetical page will have the same navigation at the head of the page.

NOTE: if you go via the Plant List you will end up back into the full collection listings.


Our website
The primary purpose of this website is to be an online record of our collection and a resource to help you enjoy your hostas. You will have noticed we are not actively trying to sell through the website, which may appear to be counter-intuitive in these days of the Internet being used as a marketing channel. We produced our website to support folks who had already purchased hostas and wanted a resource they could return to for more information.

More hostas...
There are another several hundreds more varieties we hold in very limited numbers, over and above those we have included in our Plant List and can sometimes divide parent plants for special requests. You can visit the nursery, call 07988 585218, or email us to find out more.
Please do remember that some varieties may never become commercially available, and we do hold some very rare cultivars that you may never manage to get hold of. We operate a 'wish list' for special requests but please be prepared for a long wait in some cases, and a potentially very expensive plant at the end of the wait. We will be able to give you an idea of the chances of a division when you contact us.

Last updated: 12/7/2024