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Inspiring places
Over the years we have had lots of people share their photos and anecdotes about growing Hosta. We seldom have time to do anything other than admire these images, so now we have a page we can dedicate to those of you who have inspired us.
Sharing the following images and links will hopefully inspire others, so please let us know if you would like to share your experiences/images/websites, Email Mel

Alternatively you can delve into the Internet for all the ideas and advice you can shake a flower scape at!

Flower shows:

UK Gardens:

  • See about gardens open near you through the National Garden Scheme
  • Columbine Hall, Stowupland, Suffolk
  • Fuller's Mill in Suffolk - a great place to see hostas among other plantings.
  • June Colley and John Baker's garden in Hamphire - video of the Gardener's World visit by Rachel de Thame back in 2011. You would not believe just how many Hosta you can fit into a modest sized garden.
  • Hamilton House Garden in Sutton Coldfield. Phil and Diana Berry open their wonderful garden as part of the NGS scheme. They are planning to re-design the garden in 2018 so will not have another open day until 2019.

The American Hosta Society
Before listing links to places in the UK, we cannot go any further without pointing to the American Hosta Society (AHS). Some of the most inspiring gardens we have seen are captured in the pages of the AHS Journal, which we have been subscribing to for decades. Every year the Society holds a convention, which moves from state to state, and features gardens of note in that state.

Floral art:

  • The East of England NAFAS website - go Hosta leaf spotting among the fantastic arrangements. This is something I particularly like to do at flower shows, if I get the chance to go.
Last updated: 12/7/2024